2023 journal article

Odyssey of First IALE World Congress in Africa and Opportunities for North-South or South-South Collaboration

Landscape Online, 98, 1119.

Source: ORCID
Added: April 1, 2024

The landscape ecology community witnessed a landmark event in July 2023 as the 11th International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE) World Congress unfolded on the African continent for the first time. This editorial commemorates this historic occasion, tracing the journey from the inception of Africa-IALE initiatives in 2002 to the culmination of the World Congress held in Nairobi, Kenya, almost two decades later. Having previously graced Europe, Northern America, Australia, and Asia, the IALE World Congress embraced Africa, showcasing the global reach and inclusive spirit of landscape ecology. This editorial explores the evolution of Africa-IALE, highlighting the initiatives and the persistent efforts that led to the World Congress in Africa. We firstly delve into the socio-cultural and international significance of this shift, emphasising the unique perspectives and challenges faced by the African landscape ecology community. Secondly, we assess the participants involved in the 11th World IALE Congress, the topics discussed, current trends, and priorities within the global landscape ecology research community. To do so, we conducted a bibliometric analysis of the conference proceedings. Lastly, we reflect on the impacts of this Congress. Our retrospective perspective offers a comprehensive view of the symbiotic relationships among the international landscape ecology community and how landscape ecology has evolved in parallel with emerging challenges and emerging centres of knowledge and leadership.