2024 article

Improved Child Feces Management Mediates Reductions in Childhood Diarrhea from an On-Site Sanitation Intervention: Causal Mediation Analysis of a Cluster-Randomized Trial in Rural Bangladesh

Contreras, J. D., Islam, M., Mertens, A., Pickering, A. J., Arnold, B. F., Benjamin-Chung, J., … Ercumen, A. (2024, March 20). JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY AND GLOBAL HEALTH.

By: J. Contreras*, M. Islam, A. Mertens, A. Pickering, B. Arnold, J. Benjamin-Chung, A. Hubbard, M. Rahman ...

author keywords: Sanitation; Latrine; Child feces; Intervention; Diarrheal disease; Mediation
Source: Web Of Science
Added: April 1, 2024