2024 journal article

MAGE: metafounders-assisted genomic estimation of breeding value, a novel additive-dominance single-step model in crossbreeding systems


Source: Web Of Science
Added: April 15, 2024

Utilizing both purebred and crossbred data in animal genetics is widely recognized as an optimal strategy for enhancing the predictive accuracy of breeding values. Practically, the different genetic background among several purebred populations and their crossbred offspring populations limits the application of traditional prediction methods. Several studies endeavor to predict the crossbred performance via the partial relationship, which divides the data into distinct sub-populations based on the common genetic background, such as one single purebred population and its corresponding crossbred descendant. However, this strategy makes prediction inaccurate due to ignoring half of the parental information of crossbreed animals. Furthermore, dominance effects, although playing a significant role in crossbreeding systems, cannot be modeled under such a prediction model.To overcome this weakness, we developed a novel multi-breed single-step model using metafounders to assess ancestral relationships across diverse breeds under a unified framework. We proposed to use multi-breed dominance combined relationship matrices to model additive and dominance effects simultaneously. Our method provides a straightforward way to evaluate the heterosis of crossbreeds and the breeding values of purebred parents efficiently and accurately. We performed simulation and real data analyses to verify the potential of our proposed method. Our proposed model improved prediction accuracy under all scenarios considered compared to commonly used methods.The software for implementing our method is available at https://github.com/CAU-TeamLiuJF/MAGE.