2024 article

Thank You to Our 2023 Peer Reviewers

Rajaram, H., Aiyyer, A., Camargo, S., Cappa, C. D., Dombard, A. J., Donohue, K. A., … Yau, A. (2024, May 16). GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, Vol. 51.

author keywords: editorial; peer review
Source: Web Of Science
Added: May 13, 2024

Abstract On behalf of the journal, AGU, and the scientific community, the editors of Geophysical Research Letters would like to sincerely thank those who reviewed manuscripts for us in 2023. The hours reading and commenting on manuscripts not only improve the manuscripts, but also increase the scientific rigor of future research in the field. With the advent of AGU's data policy, many reviewers have also helped immensely to evaluate the accessibility and availability of data, and many have provided insightful comments that helped to improve the data presentation and quality. We greatly appreciate the assistance of the reviewers in advancing open science, which is a key objective of AGU's data policy. We particularly appreciate the timely reviews in light of the demands imposed by the rapid review process at Geophysical Research Letters. We received 4,512 submissions in 2023 and 5,112 reviewers contributed to their evaluation by providing 8,587 reviews in total. We deeply appreciate their contributions.