2024 journal article

Plasma Control: A Review of Developments and Applications of Plasma Medicine Control Mechanisms


Source: ORCID
Added: June 1, 2024

Cold atmospheric plasmas (CAPs) within recent years have shown great promise in the field of plasma medicine, encompassing a variety of treatments from wound healing to the treatment of cancerous tumors. For each subsequent treatment, a different application of CAPs has been postulated and attempted to best treat the target for the most effective results. These treatments have varied through the implementation of control parameters such as applied settings, electrode geometries, gas flow, and the duration of the treatment. However, with such an extensive number of variables to consider, scientists and engineers have sought a means to accurately control CAPs for the best-desired effects in medical applications. This paper seeks to investigate and characterize the historical precedent for the use of plasma control mechanisms within the field of plasma medicine. Current control strategies, plasma parameters, and control schemes will be extrapolated through recent developments and successes to gain better insight into the future of the field and the challenges that are still present in the overall implementation of such devices. Proposed approaches, such as data-driven machine learning, and the use of closed-loop feedback controls, will be showcased as the next steps toward application.