2018 journal article

Altered Lignin Content and Composition in Transgenic Populus trichocarpa Results in a Decrease of Modulus of Elasticity

BIORESOURCES, 13(4), 7698–7708.

By: Z. Miller, P. Peralta*, P. Mitchell*, V. Chiang*, C. Edmunds & I. Peszlen*

author keywords: CAD; C3H; C4H; Lignin; Glucose; Xylose; Modulus of Elasticity
Source: Web Of Science
Added: January 14, 2019

Transgenic Populus trichocarpa wood was compared to the corresponding wild-type material. The static modulus of elasticity in three-point bending was measured and the chemical composition among the specimens were compared, including the glucose, xylose, and lignin contents as well as the S/G ratio. Changes in chemical composition, created by genetic manipulations of the lignin biosynthetic pathway, affect the mechanical properties of young small-diameter transgenic trees. There are indications that a decrease in lignin content causes severe reductions in mechanical properties. Changes in lignin structure, either from an increased S/G ratio or structural lignin modifications, also negatively influence the mechanical properties.