2019 journal article

Nanoplumbing with 2D Metamaterials

SMALL, 15(2).

By: S. Dangi & R. Riehn‚ÄČ

author keywords: confined polymers; DNA; nanofluidics
Source: Web Of Science
Added: January 28, 2019

Complex manipulations of DNA in a nanofluidic device require channels with branches and junctions. However, the dynamic response of DNA in such nanofluidic networks is relatively unexplored. Here, the transport of DNA in a 2D metamaterial made by arrays of nanochannel junctions is investigated. The mechanism of transport is explained as Brownian motion through an energy landscape formed by the combination of the confinement free energy of DNA and the effective potential of hydrodynamic flow, which both can be tuned independently within the device. For the quantitative understanding of DNA transport, a dynamic mean-field model of DNA at a nanochannel junction is proposed. It is shown that the dynamics of DNA in a nanofluidic device with branched channels and junctions is well described by the model.