2005 journal article

Tensor glueball photoproduction and decay

PHYSICS LETTERS B, 621(3-4), 269–275.

By: . Cotanch n & R. Williams*

author keywords: glueball widths; glueball photoproduction; vector and tensor meson dominance
Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 6, 2018

Using vector meson dominance (VMD), tensor glueball photoproduction cross sections, asymmetries and widths are calculated. The predicted hadronic V V ′ decays are comparable for different vector meson ( V = ρ , ω and ϕ ) channels with the ωϕ width the largest but the radiative ωγ and ϕγ decays are suppressed relative to ργ by over a factor of 2. This decay profile is distinct from typical meson branching rates and may be a useful glueball detection signature. Results are compared to a previous VMD scalar glueball study.