1998 journal article

Balloon irregularities in ring spinning


By: P. Lord, J. Rust n & F. Fenercioglu n

Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 6, 2018

If a ringframe could be run nearer the ideal conditions assumed in theory, a better operational efficiency and quality of product would be obtained. This paper examines some of the many types of deviation that occur in ring spinning. Some end-breaks are caused by predictable cyclic variations in force applied to the yarn, some are caused by weak points in the spinline, and some are caused by transient forces. The paper concentrates on these transients. They cause short-lived changes in yarn speed and geometry, which are associated with peaks in tension. The locus of elements of yarn near the vertex of the balloon can deviate greatly from the circular, and it is thought that periodic torque surges may be generated.