2019 journal article

Impact of a Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse on Quadriceps Muscle Function and Corticomotor Excitability


By: S. Bailey, J. Hibbard, D. La Forge, M. Mitchell, B. Roelands, G. Harris, S. Folger

author keywords: isometric; transcranial magnetic stimulation; glucose; maltodextrin; maximal voluntary contraction
MeSH headings : Adult; Carbohydrates / administration & dosage; Evoked Potentials, Motor; Female; Glucose; Humans; Male; Maltose; Mouthwashes / administration & dosage; Muscle Contraction; Muscle Strength; Polysaccharides; Quadriceps Muscle / physiology; Torque; Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Source: Web Of Science
Added: September 3, 2019

The purpose of this investigation is to determine the effects of different forms of a CHO MR on quadriceps muscle performance and corticospinal motor excitability.Ten subjects (5 females, 5 males; 25±1 years; 1.71±0.03 m 73±5 kg) completed 4 trials. A different MR condition was applied during each trial (Placebo (PLA), 6.4% glucose (GLU), 6.4% maltose (MAL), 6.4% maltodextrin (MDX)). Maximal voluntary contraction (MVIC) of the right quadriceps and motor-evoked potential (MEP) of the right rectus femoris was determined pre (10 min), immediately after, and post (10 min) MR. MEP was precipitated by transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) during muscle contraction (50% of MVIC). MR was held in the mouth for 20 s and treatments were applied using a Latin square design. The relative change in MEP from pre-measures was different across treatments (p=0.025) but was not different across time (p=0.357).Relative change in MEP was greater for all CHO conditions immediately after (GLU=2.58±5.33%; MAL=3.92±3.90%; MDX=18.28±5.57%) and 10 min after (GLU=14.09±13.96%; MAL=8.64±8.67%; MDX=31.54±12.77%) MR compared to PLA (Immediately after=-2.19±4.25%, 10 min=-13.41±7.46%). The relative change in MVC was greater for CHO conditions immediately (GLU=3.98±2.49%; MAL=5.89±2.29.90%; MDX=7.66±1.93%) and 10 min after (GLU=7.22±2.77%; MAL=10.26±4.22%; MDX=10.18±1.50%) MR compared to PLA (Immediately after=-3.24±1.50%, 10 min=-6.46±2.22%).CHO MR increased corticospinal motor excitability and quadriceps muscle performance immediately and 10 min after application; however, the form of CHO used did not influence this response.