2019 journal article

Iron-induced transferrin receptor-1 mRNA destabilization: A response to "Neither miR-7-5p nor miR-141-3p is a major mediator of iron-responsive transferrin receptor-1 mRNA degradation"

RNA, 25(11), 1416–1420.

Source: Web Of Science
Added: October 28, 2019

We read with great interest the Divergent Views article by Connell and colleagues disputing our recent publication describing a role for two microRNAs in the iron-mediated regulation of transferrin receptor 1 (TfR1) mRNA stability. Our publication sought to shed light on a long-standing question in the field of cellular iron metabolism, and we welcome commentary and critique. However, there are several critical issues contained in the article by Connell and colleagues that require further consideration. We appreciate the opportunity to reply here.