2019 article

High-energy cosmic rays from supernovae in young clusters of massive stars

Bykov, A. M., Ellison, D. C., Kalyashova, M. E., & Osipov, S. M. (2019, December). RENDICONTI LINCEI-SCIENZE FISICHE E NATURALI, Vol. 30, pp. 155–158.

author keywords: Cosmic rays; modeling; Supernovae; Young massive stellar clusters
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Added: December 30, 2019

While the bulk of GeV–100 TeV cosmic rays (CRs) can be accelerated at the shock of the most common supernova remnants the problem of CR acceleration to and above the PeV regime is still an open issue. We give a brief discussion of the production of 100 PeV regime cosmic rays by supernovae in young compact clusters of massive stars. This implies a spatial and temporal correlation of the SNe in the cluster over $$\sim 10^7\,\hbox {year}$$ which may affect the high-energy CR anisotropy. Here, we discuss the temporal evolution of the dipole angular anisotropy of 300 PeV CR protons accelerated within young massive star clusters.