2020 article

Investigations into structure-property relationships of novel Ru(II) dyes with N,N '-Diethyl group in ancillary ligand for dye-sensitized solar cells (vol 171, 107754, 2019)

Ashraf, S., Su, R., Akhtar, J., Siddiqi, H. M., Shuja, A., Al-Saad, K. A., … El-Shafei, A. (2020, February). DYES AND PIGMENTS, Vol. 173.

By: S. Ashraf, R. Su, J. Akhtar, H. Siddiqi, A. Shuja, K. Al-Saad, S. Al-Qaradawi, A. El-Shafei

Source: Web Of Science
Added: January 6, 2020