2016 journal article

Paenibacillus larvae Phage Tripp Genome Has 378-Base-Pair Terminal Repeats

Genome Announcements, 4(1).

By: J. Abraham n, A. Bousquet n, E. Bruff n, N. Carson n, A. Clark n, A. Connell n, Z. Davis n, J. Dums n ...

Source: Crossref
Added: January 19, 2020

ABSTRACT Paenibacillus larvae bacteriophage Tripp was isolated from an American foulbrood diseased honey bee hive in North Carolina, USA. The 54,439-bp genome is 48.3% G+C, encodes 92 proteins, no tRNAs, and has 378-bp direct terminal repeats. It is currently unique in Genbank.