2020 journal article

NuSTAR Observations of G11.2–0.3

The Astrophysical Journal.

By: K. Madsen*, C. Fryer*, B. Grefenstette*, L. Lopez*, S. Reynolds & A. Zoglauer*

author keywords: Rotation powered pulsars; Supernova remnants; Single X-ray stars; X-ray stars
Source: ORCID
Added: January 22, 2020

We present in this paper the hard X-ray view of the pulsar wind nebula in G11.2-0.3 and its central pulsar PSR J1811-1925 as seen by NuSTAR. We complement the data with Chandra for a more complete picture and confirm the existence of a hard, power-law component in the shell with photon index Gamma = 2.1 +/- 0.1, which we attribute to synchrotron emission. Our imaging observations of the shell show a slightly smaller radius at higher energies, consistent with Chandra results, and we find shrinkage as a function of increased energy along the jet direction, indicating that the electron outflow in the PWN may be simpler than that seen in other young PWNe. Combining NuSTAR with Integral, we find that the pulsar spectrum can be fit by a power-law with Gamma=1.32 +/- 0.07 up to 300 keV without evidence of curvature.