2020 journal article

Self-Heating Characterization of $\beta$ -Ga2O3 Thin-Channel MOSFETs by Pulsed ${I}$ - ${V}$ and Raman Nanothermography


author keywords: Channel temperature; gallium oxide; MOSFET; pulsed I-V measurements
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Source: Web Of Science
Added: January 27, 2020

$\beta $ -Ga2O3 thin-channel MOSFETs were evaluated using both dc and pulsed ${I}$ – ${V}$ measurements. The reported pulsed ${I}$ – ${V}$ technique was used to study self-heating effects in the MOSFET channel. The device was analyzed over a large temperature range of 23 °C–200 °C. A relationship between dissipated power and channel temperature was established, and it was found that the MOSFET channel was heating up to 208 °C when dissipating 2.5 W/mm of power. The thermal resistance of the channel was found to be 73 °C-mm/W. The results are supported with the experimental Raman nanothermography and thermal simulations and are in reasonable agreement with pulsed ${I}$ – ${V}$ findings. The high thermal resistance underpins the importance of optimizing thermal management in future Ga2O3 devices.