2016 journal article

Examining the effectiveness of virtual fitting with 3D garment simulation

International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education, 10(3), 320–330.

By: A. Porterfield n & T. Lamar

Source: Crossref
Added: January 27, 2020

ABSTRACTIn this paper, we report how the interactive process of garment fitting, as a component of the apparel development process, was impacted by the use of virtual fittings in place of live fittings. We created 3D garment simulations using five existing garment patterns, then conducted virtual fittings with the maker and the designer of each garment. Participants viewed the virtual fittings via WebEx. They responded to questions about fit and design details, and about the experience of participating in a virtual fitting. They had opportunities to suggest alterations and to see alternate style line markings on the virtual garments. Responses showed that elements inherent to both preparation and execution of a virtual fitting impacted the collaborative experience.