2020 journal article

On Being a Female Entrepreneur in the Arts: Comparative Experiences

Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education, 2(1), 57–64.

By: K. Annett-Hitchcock

Source: Crossref
Added: October 28, 2020

This essay explores some of the issues facing female arts entrepreneurs by establishing findings from research data and comparing these findings with the experiences of two established international women artists from the culinary world and contemporary music, respectively. Themes such as revenue inequality, struggles by women to find and maintain venture capital and the dilemma of how to label women in the arts are joined by emerging conversations about the role of art in business, the importance of giving and receiving support, the dilemma of balancing family life, especially with partners who are also artistically engaged, and the role of motherhood. Implications and recommendations for further discussions in arts entrepreneurship education are provided as channels for change.