2020 journal article


AMERICAN SPEECH, 95(2), 253–260.

By: A. Smith n, W. Wolfram* & D. Cullinan*

co-author countries: United States of America 🇺🇸
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Added: November 9, 2020

Research Article| May 01 2020 Signing Black in America: The Story of Black American Sign Language Alison Smith; Alison Smith North Carolina State University Alison Smith (née Eggerth) recently graduated from North Carolina State University with an M.A. in English with a concentration in linguistics. Prior to that, she obtained a degree in American Sign Language from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. During her graduate studies, Alison assisted Language and Life Project producers Danica Cullinan and Neal Hutcheson with the Signing Black in America documentary, and her graduate career culminated with a capstone that focused on the importance of incorporating education about different varieties of ASL into ASL interpreter training programs. Email: aeggerth@gmail.com. Search for other works by this author on: This Site Google Walt Wolfram; Walt Wolfram Walt Wolfram is William C. Friday Distinguished University Professor at North Carolina State University and director of the Language and Life Project. He has pioneered research on social and ethnic varieties of English since the 1960s and is a frequent contributor to American Speech. He is currently directing a four-part series on African American Language (AAL). Signing Black in America is the first episode in this series; other episodes will focus on the earlier history of AAL, the social and educational implications of its usage, and performing in AAL. Email: wolfram@ncsu.edu. Search for other works by this author on: This Site Google Danica Cullinan Danica Cullinan Danica Cullinan is a documentary producer for the Language and Life Project at North Carolina State University. In addition to Signing Black in America (with Neal Hutcheson), her television documentaries include Talking Black in America (with Neal Hutcheson), Cedars in the Pines, Spanish Voices, and First Language: The Race to Save Cherokee (with Neal Hutcheson). She has a background in sociolinguistics, information and library science, and film production, and she directs many of the outreach and engagement activities of the Language and Life Project. Email: danica.cullinan@gmail.com. Search for other works by this author on: This Site Google American Speech (2020) 95 (2): 253–260. https://doi.org/10.1215/00031283-8501401 Cite Icon Cite Share Icon Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn MailTo Permissions Search Site Citation Alison Smith, Walt Wolfram, Danica Cullinan; Signing Black in America: The Story of Black American Sign Language. American Speech 1 May 2020; 95 (2): 253–260. doi: https://doi.org/10.1215/00031283-8501401 Download citation file: Zotero Reference Manager EasyBib Bookends Mendeley Papers EndNote RefWorks BibTex toolbar search Search Dropdown Menu toolbar search search input Search input auto suggest filter your search Books & JournalsAll JournalsAmerican Dialect SocietyAmerican Speech Search Advanced Search The text of this article is only available as a PDF. Copyright 2020 by the American Dialect Society2020 Article PDF first page preview Close Modal You do not currently have access to this content.