2020 review

The twists and turns of left-right asymmetric gut morphogenesis

[Review of ]. DEVELOPMENT, 147(19).

author keywords: Gut tube; Intestine; Laterality; Left-right asymmetry; Morphogenesis; Stomach
Source: Web Of Science
Added: November 16, 2020

ABSTRACT Many organs develop left-right asymmetric shapes and positions that are crucial for normal function. Indeed, anomalous laterality is associated with multiple severe birth defects. Although the events that initially orient the left-right body axis are beginning to be understood, the mechanisms that shape the asymmetries of individual organs remain less clear. Here, we summarize new evidence challenging century-old ideas about the development of stomach and intestine laterality. We compare classical and contemporary models of asymmetric gut morphogenesis and highlight key unanswered questions for future investigation.