2020 article

Closing editorial: Forecasting of epidemic spreading: lessons learned from the current covid-19 pandemic

Boccaletti, S., Mindlin, G., Ditto, W., & Atangana, A. (2020, October). CHAOS SOLITONS & FRACTALS, Vol. 139.

Source: Web Of Science
Added: December 11, 2020

The entire world is currently fighting the severe and dangerous pandemic COVID-19, which is causing bodily suffering and mental distress due to the rapidly increasing number of infected patients and deaths worldwide. Many COVID-19 treatments are going on in India, and some treatments are under development for these patients. But, treatment selection for the COVID-19 patients is challenging in the present situation. Through the multi-criteria decision-making technique, they can select the COVID-19 treatments easily. Therefore, we have developed an MCDM technique to select COVID-19 treatments in India. This paper invented the value and ambiguity of bipolar fuzzy (BF) numbers. Additionally, some fundamental theorems and properties of BF-numbers are studied. A novel positive and negative interpreter ranking index of BF numbers has been introduced. In the present day, most human decision-making relies heavily on bipolar fuzzy information. Hence, we developed an MCDM technique with bipolar fuzzy details. A comprehensive range of human decisions for selecting COVID-19 treatments is based on positive and negative double-sided or bipolar judgemental thinking. To select COVID-19 treatments in India, we have applied the proposed MCDM technique with BTrF information. Moreover, to demonstrate the applicability of our proposed MCDM method, we have considered a numerical example with BF data. Finally, we give the comparison study to show the effectiveness of our proposed MCDM method with other existing decision-making methods.