2012 journal article

Perceptions of silvopasture systems among adopters in northeast Argentina


By: G. Frey*, H. Fassola*, A. Pachas*, L. Colcombet*, S. Lacorte*, O. Perez*, M. Renkow n, S. Warren n, F. Cubbage n

author keywords: Farm type; Farm scale; Agroforestry; Discontinuance; Silvopasture; Argentina
UN Sustainable Development Goal Categories
2. Zero Hunger (Web of Science)
Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 6, 2018

Farmers' perceptions over time of an agroforestry technology can have an important impact on adoption and disadoption. Their perceptions, in turn, may be influenced by the type and scale of farm they own and the social networks they create. We examined the factors underlying producers' perceptions of silvopasture systems at the time of adoption and perceptions following several years of experience, and the factors explaining discontinuance of systems in Argentina. We found that while most adopters indicated that other people influenced their decision about whether or not to adopt silvopasture, the type of person that influenced them (professionals vs. other farmers) did not affect adopters' perceptions of the relative benefits and challenges of the system. However, farm scale and farm type did explain farmers' perceptions to a good degree. Smaller-scale farmers were less likely to see costs and returns as benefits of the system, but more likely to see cash flow properties as important advantages. Farmers' perceptions after experiencing the system were good predictors of likely discontinuance, but influential people, farm scales, farm type, and perceptions at the time of adoption were not.