2020 journal article

Best Practices for Implementing Recreation Demand Models

Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 14(2), 302–323,

By: F. Lupi*, D. Phaneuf & R. Haefen n

Source: ORCID
Added: January 30, 2021

This article discusses best practices for implementing recreation demand models. We focus on insights that research and experience provide for the typical recreation application, where the analyst uses individual-level data to measure the value of changes in recreation site access or quality at one or more destinations. We examine issues related to data collection, pre-analysis tasks, modeling, and assessing quality, in addition to a discussion of future research needs. Our focus is on understanding best practices when the analyst’s goal is to present accurate estimates of economic value of recreation site access or quality, and so we prioritize practical steps rather than describing the frontiers of methodological research in recreation demand modeling.