2021 journal article

Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD): update 2021


Source: Web Of Science
Added: February 8, 2021

Abstract The public Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD; http://ctdbase.org/) is an innovative digital ecosystem that relates toxicological information for chemicals, genes, phenotypes, diseases, and exposures to advance understanding about human health. Literature-based, manually curated interactions are integrated to create a knowledgebase that harmonizes cross-species heterogeneous data for chemical exposures and their biological repercussions. In this biennial update, we report a 20% increase in CTD curated content and now provide 45 million toxicogenomic relationships for over 16 300 chemicals, 51 300 genes, 5500 phenotypes, 7200 diseases and 163 000 exposure events, from 600 comparative species. Furthermore, we increase the functionality of chemical–phenotype content with new data-tabs on CTD Disease pages (to help fill in knowledge gaps for environmental health) and new phenotype search parameters (for Batch Query and Venn analysis tools). As well, we introduce new CTD Anatomy pages that allow users to uniquely explore and analyze chemical–phenotype interactions from an anatomical perspective. Finally, we have enhanced CTD Chemical pages with new literature-based chemical synonyms (to improve querying) and added 1600 amino acid-based compounds (to increase chemical landscape). Together, these updates continue to augment CTD as a powerful resource for generating testable hypotheses about the etiologies and molecular mechanisms underlying environmentally influenced diseases.