2021 journal article

The F19W mutation reduces the binding affinity of the transmembrane A beta(11-40) trimer to the membrane bilayer

RSC ADVANCES, 11(5), 2664–2676.

By: T. Tran*, F. Pan*, L. Tran*, C. Roland n & C. Sagui n

TL;DR: Experiments show that F19 mutations influence the aggregation rate, but maintain the fibril structures in the 3Aβ11–40 trimer immersed in DPPC lipid bilayers submerged in aqueous solution, suggesting the impact of mutations can be assessed, at least partially, by evaluating the interaction of the mutated peptides with the lipid membranes. (via Semantic Scholar)
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Added: February 15, 2021

Dominant conformations of F19W 3Aβ11–40 immersed in transmembrane DPPC lipid bilayer submerged in aqueous solution.