2014 journal article

Crack Density and Elastic Properties of Sustainable Concretes

ACI Materials Journal, 111(1), 13–21.

By: B. Mccoy, M. Leming & R. Seracino

Source: NC State University Libraries
Added: August 6, 2018

This paper examines relationships between changes in the microstructure and selected elastic properties of various concrete mixtures exposed to moderately elevated temperatures. The crack density parameters before and after exposure were estimated from the shear modulus measured wet and dry of 1 in. thick by 4 in. diameter (25 x 100 mm) disks. Mixtures examined included both granitic and lightweight coarse aggregates in combination with cementitious systems containing either 20% fly ash, 60% fly ash, termed enhanced sustainability, or 60% slag cement. This study found that the changes in crack density parameter resulting from exposure to elevated temperatures appear to be more sensitive to differences between cementitious materials than to differences between aggregate type or cementitious material proportions. A critical finding was that the relationship between initial crack density parameter and changes in crack density parameter were similar regardless of fly ash content.