2021 article

Discovery of a novel eIF4E1.S allele conferring PVY resistance in Chinese tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) landraces

Lin, S., Dewey, R. E., Wang, R., Ren, X., Wang, Z., Zhang, J., & Long, M. (2021, June 22). PLANT BREEDING.

By: S. Lin*, R. Dewey n, R. Wang*, X. Ren*, Z. Wang*, J. Zhang*, M. Long*

author keywords: co-dominant marker; S; naturally-occurring allele; Nicotiana tabacum; potato virus Y; susceptibility gene
TL;DR: The results described here provide valuable genetic insights into Chinese tobacco landraces as a source of naturally occurring PVY resistance, as a powerful tool for the molecular marker- assisted breeding of tobacco varieties containing the resistance source eIF4E1. (via Semantic Scholar)
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