2021 journal article

Dynamic control of reflective/diffusive optical surfaces on EGaIn liquid metal


By: K. Nakakubo*, H. Yoshioka*, K. Morita*, R. Ishimatsu*, A. Kiani*, H. Hallen, M. Dickey, Y. Oki*

Source: Web Of Science
Added: July 19, 2021

We report a method to dynamically control the surface of gallium-based liquid metal to switch between reflective/diffusive states by removing/depositing oxide films via electrochemical redox reactions. Electrochemical oxidation deposits rough surface oxides that are optically diffusive. Electrochemical reduction returns the metal to a pristine, smooth, and reflective state. This switching is achieved using only ±1.4V. In addition, a meniscus of liquid metal can be pumped to switch between concave/convex shapes. This work expands the range of optical applications of dynamic liquid metal surfaces.