2021 article

Phenomenon Identification and Ranking Table Development for Future Application Figure-of-Merit Studies on Thermal Energy Storage Integrations with Light Water Reactors

Mikkelson, D., Frick, K., Bragg-Sitton, S., & Doster, J. M. (2021, August 4). NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY.

author keywords: Thermal energy storage; integrated energy systems; hybrid systems
Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 9, 2021

Abstract There are no standard prioritization criteria for evaluating thermal energy storage (TES) options for use in integrated energy systems. A framework for proposing, analyzing, and presenting energy storage integration with power producers and users is presented along with a specific figure-of-merit (FOM) study based in this framework. This basis for evaluating storage technologies can provide a structure for the energy industry to analyze and prioritize energy storage in different applications and environments. The phenomena identification and ranking table (PIRT) presents a series of design questions specific to energy storage applications. The FOM study, built in this PIRT framework based on a nuclear-renewable hybrid energy system using TES to produce power and provide process energy for a secondary user, successfully identified specific technologies to use based on the project requirements. Expanding the library of projects using this framework will expand the deployable options for energy storage and increase its potential for energy security.