2021 journal article

Interpolating 't Hooft model between instant and front forms


By: B. Ma n & C. Ji n 

co-author countries: United States of America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 30, 2021

The 't Hooft model, i.e., the two-dimensional quantum chromodynamics in the limit of infinite number of colors, is interpolated by an angle parameter $\ensuremath{\delta}$ between $\ensuremath{\delta}=0$ for the instant form dynamics (IFD) and $\ensuremath{\delta}=\ensuremath{\pi}/4$ for the light-front dynamics (LFD). With this parameter $\ensuremath{\delta}$, we formulate the interpolating mass gap equation which takes into account the nontrivial vacuum effect on the bare fermion mass to find the dressed fermion mass. Our interpolating mass gap solutions not only reproduce the previous IFD result at $\ensuremath{\delta}=0$ as well as the previous LFD result at $\ensuremath{\delta}=\ensuremath{\pi}/4$ but also link them together between the IFD and LFD results with the $\ensuremath{\delta}$ parameter. We find the interpolation angle independent characteristic energy function which satisfies the energy-momentum dispersion relation of the dressed fermion, identifying the renormalized fermion mass function and the wave function renormalization factor. The renormalized fermion condensate is also found independent of $\ensuremath{\delta}$, indicating the persistence of the nontrivial vacuum structure even in the LFD. Using the dressed fermion propagator interpolating between IFD and LFD, we derive the corresponding quark-antiquark bound-state equation in the interpolating formulation verifying its agreement with the previous bound-state equations in the IFD and LFD at $\ensuremath{\delta}=0$ and $\ensuremath{\delta}=\ensuremath{\pi}/4$, respectively. The mass spectra of mesons bearing the feature of the Regge trajectories are found independent of the $\ensuremath{\delta}$-parameter reproducing the previous results in LFD and IFD for the equal mass quark and antiquark bound states. The Gell-Mann-Oakes-Renner relation for the pionic ground-state in the zero fermion mass limit is confirmed indicating that the spontaneous breaking of the chiral symmetry occurs in the 't Hooft model regardless of the quantization for $0\ensuremath{\le}\ensuremath{\delta}\ensuremath{\le}\ensuremath{\pi}/4$. We obtain the corresponding bound-state wave functions and discuss their reference frame dependence with respect to the frame independent LFD result. Applying them for the computation of the so-called quasi-parton distribution functions now in the interpolating formulation between IFD and LFD, we note a possibility of utilizing not only the reference frame dependence but also the interpolation angle dependence to get an alternative effective approach to the LFD-like results.