2021 journal article

Depyrogenation using plasmas: A novel approach for endotoxin deactivation using a dielectric barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure

Plasma Processes and Polymers.

By: N. Bhatt n, J. Brier‐Jones, D. Trosan n, C. Brinkley n, J. Pecoraro n, J. Smallwood*, A. Crofton*, S. Hudson n ...

author keywords: atmospheric pressure plasmas; chitosan; depyrogenation; endotoxin deactivation; low-temperature plasmas
Source: ORCID
Added: September 8, 2021

Developing a low-cost depyrogenation process is vital in extending medical applicability of polymers that can be used in medicine. We present an overview of the plasma-based depyrogenation literature and address the need to develop a non-thermal plasma-based depyrogenation process for delicate materials such as chitosan. We present a low-cost plasma apparatus to treat chitosan powder in hermetically sealed bags. We decouple the experiments into two; depyrogenation experiments for dried standard endotoxin on glass slides, and chitosan modifications analysis through FTIR spectroscopy. We demonstrate depyrogenation efficacy with up to a 4-log reduction in endotoxin levels and discuss minor changes observed in plasma-treated chitosan.