2021 journal article

Tribotronic control and cyclic voltammetry of platinum interfaces with metal oxide nanofluids


By: C. Seed n, B. Acharya n, V. Perelygin n, A. Smirnov n  & J. Krim n

author keywords: Tribotronics; Energy storage; Nanoparticles; TiO2; Al2O3; Energy efficiency
Source: Web Of Science
Added: September 13, 2021

Nanotribological and electrochemical behavior of platinum-nanofluid interfaces are reported for aqueous suspensions of positively charged Al2O3 and negatively charged TiO2 nanoparticles, employing Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) and cyclic voltammetry (CV) techniques. Tribotronic methods were employed to adjust the nanoparticles’ positions relative to Pt surface electrodes, and both voltammetry and tribological performance measures were observed to be highly sensitive to the adjustments. Interfacial friction levels were observed to be higher for both types of nanoparticles when electrostatically driven towards the surface. For electric fields of sufficient amplitude and duration, the TiO2 nanosuspension exhibited properties consistent with reversible electrophoretic deposition of the nanoparticles, accompanied by changes in the electrochemical attributes of the electrode itself. Overall, the study suggests a method for active tribological control and optimization of device performance in applications where suspensions of charged nanoparticles are present and can be exposed to external fields.