2021 journal article

Digital Textile Ink-Jet Printing Innovation: Development and Evaluation of Digital Denim Technology


By: M. Wang*, L. Parrillo-Chapman, L. Rothenberg*‚ÄČ, Y. Liu* & J. Liu

Source: Web Of Science
Added: September 20, 2021

This research explored the potential for ink-jet printing to replicate the coloration and finishing techniques of traditional denim fabric and standardized the reproduction and evaluation procedure. Although denim fabric is widely consumed and very popular, one drawback to denim is that the finishing and manufacturing processes are energy and water intensive and can cause environmental hazards as well as generation of pollution through water waste, particularly at the finishing stage. Textile ink-jet printing has the potential to replicate some of the coloration and finishing techniques of traditional denim fabric without negative environmental impacts. A two-phase research project was conducted. In Phase I (P1), an optimal standard production workflow for digital denim reproduction (including color and finishing effects) was established, and six different denim samples were reproduced based on the workflow. In Phase II, an expert visual assessment protocol was developed to evaluate the acceptance of the replicated digital denim. Twelve ink-jet printing, color science, and denim industry experts finished the assessment.