2021 journal article

Increasing ionic conductivity within thermoplastics via commercial additives results in a dramatic decrease in fiber diameter from melt electrospinning

Soft Matter.

By: N. Sheoran n, B. Boland n, S. Thornton n, J. Bochinski n & L. Clarke n

TL;DR: Polyethylene melt conductivity was increased by adding a commercial anti-static agent, which resulted in a 20× decrease in electrospun fiber diameter and formation of a significant fraction of sub-micron diameter fibers. (via Semantic Scholar)
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Added: September 23, 2021

Role of conductivity and viscosity in determining jet size and fiber diameter in melt electrospinning is explored by new data and application of theory. Increasing conductivity via an additive leads to a large fraction of sub-micron diameter fibers.