2015 journal article

Distribution of new satellites and simple sequence repeats in annual and perennial Glycine species

Botanical Studies, 56(1).

By: H. Chen*, M. Chung*, Y. Tsai*, F. Wei*, J. Hsieh* & Y. Hsing*

author keywords: Glycine; FISH; SSRs; 45S rDNA; Repeat sequence; Chromosome markers
Source: ORCID
Added: January 4, 2022

The repeat sequences occupied more than 50 % of soybean genome. In order to understand where these repeat sequences distributed in soybean genome and its related Glycine species, we examined three new repeat sequences—soybean repeat sequence (SBRS1, SBRS2 and SBRS3), some nonspecific repeat sequences and 45S rDNA on several Glycine species, including annual and perennial accessions in this study. In the annual species, G. soja, signals for SBRS1 and ATT repeat can be found on each chromosome in GG genome, but those for SBRS2 and SBRS3 were located at three specific loci. In perennial Glycine species, these three SBR repeat frequently co-localized with 45S rDNA, two major 45S rDNA loci were found in all tetraploid species. However, an extra minor locus was found in one accession of the G. pescadrensis (Tab074), but not in another accession (Tab004). We demonstrate that some repetitive sequences are present in all Glycine species used in the study, but the abundancy is different in annual or perennial species. We suggest this study may provide additional information in investigations of the phylogeny in the Glycine species.