2022 article

Gamma((sic))-MnO2/rGO Fibered Cathode Fabrication from Wet Spinning and Dip Coating Techniques for Cable-Shaped Zn-Ion Batteries

Subjalearndee, N., He, N., Cheng, H., Tesatchabut, P., Eiamlamai, P., Limthongkul, P., … Zhang, X. (2022, January 17). ADVANCED FIBER MATERIALS.

By: N. Subjalearndee, N. He, H. Cheng, P. Tesatchabut*, P. Eiamlamai*, P. Limthongkul*, V. Intasanta*, W. Gao, X. Zhang

Source: Web Of Science
Added: January 24, 2022