2022 article

Rcompadre and Rage-Two R packages to facilitate the use of the COMPADRE and COMADRE databases and calculation of life-history traits from matrix population models

Jones, O. R., Barks, P., Stott, I., James, T. D., Levin, S., Petry, W. K., … Salguero-Gomez, R. (2022, January 20). METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION.

By: O. Jones*, P. Barks*, I. Stott*, T. James*, S. Levin*, W. Petry n, P. Capdevila*, J. Che-Castaldo* ...

author keywords: ageing; age-structured population model; life-history strategy; matrix population model; population dynamics; population projection model; stage-structured population model
TL;DR: Rcompadre and Rage are presented, designed to facilitate the use of these databases by providing functions to acquire, quality control, and manage both the MPM data contained in COMPADRE and COMADRE, and a user’s own MPMData, and present a range of functions to calculate life history traits from MPMs in support of ecological and evolutionary analyses. (via Semantic Scholar)
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