2022 journal article

Giant doping response of magnetic anisotropy in MnTe


By: D. Moseley*, K. Taddei*, J. Yan*, M. McGuire*, S. Calder*, M. Polash n, D. Vashaee, X. Zhang* ...

Source: Web Of Science
Added: February 14, 2022

The authors show that minuscule amounts of Li suffice to tune antiferromagnetic MnTe from an easy-plane to easy-axis material. Upon heating towards the N\'eel temperature of 307 K, the spins do not gradually rotate back to a planar orientation, and instead maintain their axial orientation up to a relatively high temperature of 260 K, before quickly switching back to a planar orientation and crossing into the paramagnetic phase. Calculations indicate MnTe bears two competing magnetic ground states which can be manipulated by slightly shifting the Fermi level via Li-doping. Easy manipulation of the spins in MnTe could have significant implications for future spintronic devices and materials.