2021 journal article

K-fiber bundles in the mitotic spindle are mechanically reinforced by Kif15


By: M. Begley n, A. Solon*, E. Davis n, M. Sherrill n, R. Ohi* & M. Eltinga

MeSH headings : Cell Cycle Proteins / genetics; Cell Cycle Proteins / metabolism; Cell Line; Humans; Kidney / cytology; Kinesins / antagonists & inhibitors; Kinesins / genetics; Kinesins / metabolism; Kinetochores; Microtubules / metabolism; Spindle Apparatus / physiology; Time-Lapse Imaging
Source: Web Of Science
Added: February 21, 2022

The mammalian kinetochore fiber (k-fiber) connects chromosomes to the spindle and supports segregation. We cut k-fibers by laser ablation to probe mechanical connections of microtubules within the bundle. We find that kinesin-12 Kif15 cross-links mediate k-fiber bundling. K-fiber bundling forces are in active competition with forces that cluster microtubule minus-ends.