2022 journal article

Topological phase and thermoelectric properties of bialkali bismuthide compounds (Na, K)(2)RbBi from first-principles


By: S. Yalameha, Z. Nourbakhsh & D. Vashaee

author keywords: topological materials; thermoelectric; thermal conductivity; bialkali bismuthide
Source: Web Of Science
Added: February 28, 2022

We report the topological phase and thermoelectric properties of bialkali bismuthide compounds (Na, K)2RbBi, as yet hypothetical. The topological phase transitions of these compounds under hydrostatic pressure are investigated. The calculated topological surface states andZ2topological index confirm the nontrivial topological phase. The electronic properties and transport coefficients are obtained using the density functional theory combined with the Boltzmann transport equation. The relaxation times are determined using the deformation potential theory to calculate the electronic thermal and electrical conductivity. The calculated mode Gr√ľneisen parameters are substantial, indicating strong anharmonic acoustic phonons scattering, which results in an exceptionally low lattice thermal conductivity. These compounds also have a favorable power factor leading to a relatively flat p-type figure-of-merit over a broad temperature range. Furthermore, the mechanical properties and phonon band dispersions show that these structures are mechanically and dynamically stable. Therefore, they offer excellent candidates for practical applications over a wide range of temperatures.