2022 journal article

Single-Step Genomic Analysis Increases the Accuracy of Within-Family Selection in a Clonally Replicated Population of Pinus taeda L.

FOREST SCIENCE, 68(1), 37–52.

By: T. Walker n, W. Cumbie & F. Isik n

author keywords: ssGBLUP; HBLUP; genomic selection; genomic prediction; genomic relationships; loblolly; pine; multi-environmental trials; genotype by environment interaction; factor analytic
TL;DR: Breeding programs for species that are difficult to propagate clonally should consider genotyping to replace or supplement clonal testing as a means to improve within-family selection, and genomic markers can improve the reliability of breeding values. (via Semantic Scholar)
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Source: Web Of Science
Added: February 28, 2022