2022 article

Testing the Waters: Locally, Regionally, Globally

Cooper, C., & Malow, B. (2022, January 15). (Vol. 1). Vol. 1.

By: C. Cooper n & B. Malow

Source: ORCID
Added: March 11, 2022

Caren Cooper, Ph.D. spent the early part of her career studying birds across the country without ever leaving her desk. She analyzed bird and nest records shared by the public that fueled research on the distribution of birds, their nesting patterns, migration routes, and response to climate change. Researchers and the public also collaborate to study flowers, weather, planets, pollution, and more — a collective power called citizen science. In this video, Cooper (1) reviews how citizen science is transforming scientific discovery, (2) introduces students to NC State’s Citizen Science Campus program, (3) gives a demo of Crowd the Tap, an NC State citizen science project about safe drinking water, and (4) shows students three other ways they can, as citizen scientists, make a difference.