2022 article

A Rapid, High Throughput, Viral Infectivity Assay using Automated Brightfield Microscopy with Machine Learning

Dodkins, R., Delaney, J. R., Overton, T., Scholle, F., Frias, A., Crisci, E., … Goldberg, I. G. (2022, March 28). (Vol. 3). Vol. 3.

By: R. Dodkins, J. Delaney, T. Overton n, F. Scholle n, A. Frias n, E. Crisci n, N. Huq, I. Jordan, J. Kimata*, I. Goldberg

TL;DR: An automated assay (AVIA™), using machine learning (ML) and high-throughput brightfield microscopy on 96 well plates that can quantify infection phenotypes within hours, before they are manually visible, and without sample preparation is described. (via Semantic Scholar)
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Added: March 30, 2022