2022 journal article

Algebraic compression of quantum circuits for Hamiltonian evolution


By: E. Kokcu, D. Camps*, L. Bassman*, J. Freericks*, W. Jong*, R. Van Beeumen*, A. Kemper

Source: Web Of Science
Added: April 4, 2022

Unitary evolution under a time dependent Hamiltonian is a key component of simulation on quantum hardware. Synthesizing the corresponding quantum circuit is typically done by breaking the evolution into small time steps, also known as Trotterization, which leads to circuits whose depth scales with the number of steps. When the circuit elements are limited to a subset of SU(4) -- or equivalently, when the Hamiltonian may be mapped onto free fermionic models -- several identities exist that combine and simplify the circuit. Based on this, we present an algorithm that compresses the Trotter steps into a single block of quantum gates. This results in a fixed depth time evolution for certain classes of Hamiltonians. We explicitly show how this algorithm works for several spin models, and demonstrate its use for adiabatic state preparation of the transverse field Ising model.