2022 journal article

The impact of undernutrition on KNDy (kisspeptin/neurokinin B/dynorphin) neurons in female lambs

Journal of Neuroendocrinology, 34(6).

By: K. Harlow n, M. Griesgraber*, A. Seman*, S. Shuping n, J. Sommer n, E. Griffith n, S. Hileman*, C. Nestor n

author keywords: dynorphin; kisspeptin; LH; neurokinin B; undernutrition; xxxx; fx1
MeSH headings : Animals; Arcuate Nucleus of Hypothalamus / metabolism; Body Weight; Dynorphins / metabolism; Female; Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone / metabolism; Kisspeptins / metabolism; Malnutrition / metabolism; Neurokinin B / metabolism; Neurons / metabolism; RNA, Messenger / metabolism; Sheep
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Added: April 14, 2022

Undernutrition limits reproduction through inhibition of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)/luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion. Because KNDy neurons coexpress neuropeptides that play stimulatory (kisspeptin and neurokinin B [NKB]) and inhibitory (dynorphin) roles in pulsatile GnRH/LH release, we hypothesized that undernutrition would inhibit kisspeptin and NKB expression at the same time as increasing dynorphin expression. Fifteen ovariectomized lambs were either fed to maintain pre-study body weight (controls) or feed-restricted to lose 20% of pre-study body weight (FR) over 13 weeks. Blood samples were collected and plasma from weeks 0 and 13 were assessed for LH by radioimmunoassay. At week 13, animals were killed, and brain tissue was processed for assessment of KNDy peptide mRNA or protein expression. Mean LH and LH pulse amplitude were lower in FR lambs compared to controls. We observed lower mRNA abundance for kisspeptin within KNDy neurons of FR lambs compared to controls with no significant change in mRNA for NKB or dynorphin. We also observed that FR lambs had fewer numbers of arcuate nucleus kisspeptin and NKB perikarya compared to controls. These findings support the idea that KNDy neurons are important for regulating reproduction during undernutrition in female sheep.