2022 journal article

Dynamic Interference Management for UAV-Assisted Wireless Networks


By: A. Rahmati*, S. Hosseinalipour, Y. Yapici, X. He, I. Guvenc, H. Dai, A. Bhuyan*

author keywords: Interference; Trajectory; Three-dimensional displays; Wireless communication; Jamming; Resource management; Unmanned aerial vehicles; Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV); jammer; trajectory optimization; power allocation; interference management; smart interferer; spectral graph theory; Cheeger constant
Source: Web Of Science
Added: April 25, 2022

We investigate a transmission mechanism aiming to improve the data rate between a base station (BS) and a user equipment (UE) through deploying multiple relaying UAVs. We consider the effect of interference incurred by another established communication network, which makes our problem challenging and different from the state of the art. We aim to design the 3D trajectories and power allocation for the UAVs to maximize the data flow of the network while keeping the interference on the existing communication network below a threshold. We utilize the mobility feature of the UAVs to evade the (un)-intended interference caused by (un)-intentional interferers. To this end, we propose an alternating-maximization approach to jointly obtain the 3D trajectories and the UAVs transmission powers. We handle the 3D trajectory design by resorting to spectral graph theory and subsequently address the power allocation through convex optimization techniques. We also approach the problem from the intentional interferer’s perspective where smart jammers chase the UAVs to effectively degrade the data flow of the network. We also extend our work to the case for multiple UEs. Finally, we demonstrate the efficacy of our proposed method through extensive simulations.