2022 article

High-entropy ceramics: Propelling applications through disorder

Toher, C., Oses, C., Esters, M., Hicks, D., Kotsonis, G. N., Rost, C. M., … Curtarolo, S. (2022, April 19). MRS BULLETIN.

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Source: Web Of Science
Added: May 2, 2022

Disorder enhances desired properties, as well as creating new avenues for synthesizing materials. For instance, hardness and yield stress are improved by solid-solution strengthening, a result of distortions and atomic-size mismatches. Thermochemical stability is increased by the preference of chemically disordered mixtures for high-symmetry superlattices. Vibrational thermal conductivity is decreased by force-constant disorder without sacrificing mechanical strength and stiffness. Thus, high-entropy ceramics propel a wide range of applications: from wear-resistant coatings and thermal and environmental barriers to catalysts, batteries, thermoelectrics, and nuclear energy management. Here, we discuss recent progress of the field, with a particular emphasis on disorder-enhanced properties and applications.