2016 article

Rewards of Tutorials

Trussell, H. J., & Basu, S. (2016, December). PROCEEDINGS OF THE IEEE, Vol. 104, pp. 2262–2266.

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Added: August 6, 2018

As noted on our webpage, the Proceedings of the IEEE specializes in surveys, reviews, and tutorials. The distinction between surveys and reviews is not always clear to readers and authors. Our working definition is that surveys discuss the current state of a subject and give an overview and summary of the published and ongoing work by researchers from all geographical regions and from all organizations contributing to the topic. Reviews contain more technical depth of the topics and usually discuss the technical background needed to understand and evaluate the contributions to the topics under investigation. Tutorials are teaching tools that present the background and current theory and methodologies of a topic. A tutorial is not about presenting new theory or methods, but may use current research as examples of applications of the techniques discussed. Currently, we publish many more surveys and reviews than tutorials.