2000 article

Many-body spin interactions in semiconductor quantum wires


By: D. Reilly*, G. Facer*, A. Dzurak*, B. Kane*, R. Clark*, P. Stiles*, . JL O'Brien, N. Lumpkin*, L. Pfeiffer*, K. West

Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 6, 2018

Zero length quantum wires (or point contacts) exhibit unexplained conductance structure close to 0.7 � 2e 2 /h in the absence of an applied magnetic field. We have studied the density- and temperature-dependent conductance of ultra-low-disorder GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wires with nominal lengths l=0 and 2�m, fabricated from structures free of the disorder associated with modulation doping. In a direct comparision we observe structure near 0.7 � 2e 2 /h for l = 0, whereas thel = 2�m wires show structure evolving with increasing electron density to 0.5 � 2e 2 /h in zero magnetic field, the value expected for an ideal spin-split sub-band. Our results suggest the dominant mechanism through which electrons interact can be strongly affected by the length of the 1D region.