2022 journal article

Helicity-dependent distribution of strange quarks in the proton from nonlocal chiral effective theory


By: F. He*, C. Ji n, W. Melnitchouk*, Y. Salamu, A. Thomas*, P. Wang*, X. Wang*

Source: Web Of Science
Added: July 5, 2022

The helicity-dependent strange quark distribution in the proton, $\Delta s$, is calculated in a nonlocal chiral SU(3) effective field theory. The hadronic proton to meson plus octet or decuplet baryon splitting functions are derived at the one-loop level, with loop integrals rendered finite by correlation functions introduced in the nonlocal Lagrangian. Within the convolution framework, the proton strange helicity distribution is obtained using spin-flavor symmetry to constrain the input valence quark distributions in the hadronic intermediate states. The polarized strange quark distribution is found to be quite small, with the lowest moment of $\Delta s$ negative, but consistent with recent global QCD analyses.